Monday, August 22, 2011

Display Redux

I'm constantly struggling with the way I display the creations I sell at craft shows. Since I don’t do all that many craft shows, I can’t justify spending a lot of money for expensive displays. Besides, I like a display with a DIY look rather than a store bought display rack.

I have a large display I made for my beaded earrings made from peg board and covered with quilt batting and fabric. I pin my earrings cards to the padded display. The display gets clamped onto the table. It works quite nicely.

When I started making earrings from recycled aluminum cans, I needed a new display. I wanted it to be in keeping with the recycled theme, so I used some leftover pegboard and made two smaller display boards, but this time I decoupaged newspaper to the board. My earring cards covered most of the board and the “recycled” newspaper showed around them. It was okay, but I really didn’t like it much. It was only temporary.

This summer I have been selling my creations at an area Farmers’ Market. I'm only selling the creations that are made from recycled and up-cycled materials. My booth is done in “recycle green” and orange. I was hoping to be able to find a fabric with little recycling symbols all over it to recover the pegboard, but the only one I found had symbols that were too large. Instead, I found a pretty floral pattern with green and orange as well as some turquoise. I love the addition of the new color. It made me smile so I bought it.

Using the same process I used for the large displays, I cut some fabric and batting.

I used some spray adhesive on the boards, set the batting down, sprayed the batting, and set down the fabric.

A few staples around the back and I had my new displays.

Now I just need to figure out a new and better way to display my map wallets. Anyone have any suggestions?


  1. i love it! the print is so good!!!! i would just decoupage a map onto a shoebox for the wallets, but i'm sure we can find something cooler than that. i'll keep an eye out.