Sunday, September 11, 2011

August Tag Sale Finds continued...

Back in August I posted about some tag sale finds I scored. Remember all those ties? Well, that was only part of the wonderful finds of the day. Those were the items that I would be keeping and using for crafting. Here are the items I found that I'll be posting in my etsy shop, Maple Street Treasures, soon:

The collection consist of: 
1 Polaroid Square Shooter camera
1 Minolta Pocket camera (we must have had bigger pockets back then)
1 Kodak Brownie camera
1 very decorative wooden bowl with lid
1 decorative carved wooden bowl
1 small round glass jewelry box
1 vintage linen calendar from 1968
1 set of vintage appetizer plates
1 collection of View Master slides

I had planned to get these items photographed and posted to etsy today, but I sort of pooped out and took a nap instead. I'm headed to bed early tonight, so I should have plenty of energy after work tomorrow to get it done. At least that's the plan... g'night!

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  1. the best stuff! i have a collection of brownies :-)