Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring has arrived!

We've been having such nice weather here lately. This year, the signs of spring are a good four weeks earlier than last year. I know this because I wrote this "poem" during the third week of April last year about the signs of spring that were happening around me. This week I felt the need to dig it up and share it as I see those same signs of spring arrive and I'm feeling much the way I was then. I hope you enjoy it....

Ode to Spring

Spring is here.
They're blooming.
The Ornamental Pear Trees.
They're beautiful.
They line my drive to work.
They make me smile.
So pretty!
They make my eyes itch.
So much!
I long for cucumbers.
Cold ones.
On my eyes.
I've never tried it.
It can't hurt.
All I have is tomatoes!


  1. <3

    Thanks for sharing it again! I love this poem, hahaha! Maybe I should write one about the fishy smell produced by these lovely trees.

  2. hahah! i remember that! i adore those trees, even if they smell a little fuunt :-)