Saturday, April 7, 2012


My sister, Janet has just discovered that a long time friend of hers has a sister that lives not very far from me. What a coincidence. To make it even more of a coincidence, the friend's sister and I have birthdays within a few day of each other in April. So Janet and her friend took a road trip last weekend to visit us and take us out to celebrate.

We went out to dinner twice while they were here, but the actual celebratory dinner was at a wonderful Cuban restaurant.

The food was delicious... no photo was taken, but I did get a snap of the sangria!

The coffee menu was extensive and the flan was delicious!

Afterwards, back at my house with Janet, I had planned to have a sort of sleepover party and watch a favorite movie from days gone by, but we were just too full and too tired! Next time Janet, you'll have to stay longer!

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