Thursday, April 19, 2012

If the camera should pan out...

I've read at least three different blog posts in the past year by people talking about how their lives might look rather perfect in their blogs, but actually things aren't as "picture perfect" as they seem. Sure, they write about their fun day out at the park, but the reality of it is they return home with the cranky children who missed their nap, to the dirty dishes they left behind, and the laundry they need to do before work on Monday morning. I'm certainly no exception to this. The truth is I (and apparently many others) blog because it makes us happy and we like to share our happy times. It's not much fun to take pictures of the messy house and cranky kids and write about it!

When my sister started reading my blog, she remarked something about the... I hesitate to use the word ~ perfection. I really don't think that's the word she used, but I'm not coming up with anything better right now. Anyway, what she saw was an always neat home, perfectly executed craft projects, and good food always on the table.

Silly sister! She doesn't live close to me, so she doesn't see my day to day life. I explained to her how I take my photos at close range to what I want to show and I make sure the less impressive stuff in the background doesn't show. I described to her what she would see if the camera should pan out.

I went on to tell her about Lucy at Attic24 who is an artist at taking photos that show just what she wants to show. She lives in a warm and cozy house in England and has a love of color that shows in her crochet creations and the decor of her home. (Scroll down in the post to see how she decorates one of her two beautiful fireplaces.) Lovely, right? But if the camera should pan out... you would see her much talked about "Shelves of Doom". (Again, scroll down.) Here Lucy has indulged us with a quick glimpse of her hidden imperfections!

Today it is my turn to show a glimpse of some of my hidden imperfections.

In my blog, I have shared with you some of my knitting or crochet projects. It may seem like I am a very focused crafter. I plan a project, I have a recipient in mind, I knit or crochet the item, I photograph it, I give it away, or I wear it.

But, as you all should know, I am not at all focused. I am in fact very mercurial when it comes to my creative side. Here you see my current projects that I alternate working on:

The Dr. Who Scarf, some bowls to felted, the ill fitting sock I'm deciding what to do with, a bacon purse, my hexipuffs, the Holden Shawl, a little stuffed lamb, and a bit of secret knitting.

However, if the camera should pan out from the few projects I have shared with you, you would see this:

As you can see, I really have much more going on than I would normally let the camera lens capture! I assure you that I begin each and every one of these projects with a strong conviction to make it. Sadly though, my interest in some of these projects has waned as I have worked on them.

I have many projects in different stages all tucked away in bags to protect them until I feel the urge to work on them again.

I also have a couple (okay, eight) projects that are complete except for some finishing details. Sad, I know!

Most of these projects will get finished eventually and I'll share them with you as I go along. But you can be sure that as I finish these, there will be many new projects waxing and waning in the background, out of the camera's view!

So tell us, what would we see if your camera were to pan out? Tell us about some of your hidden imperfections!

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  1. omigosh! i didn't expect that! all those ufos!!!! you would see a sewing table straining under the weight of my hoard of craft supplies, a sink full of dishes and an overflowing hamper. ugh. i can't wait until school is over.