Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rhinebeck Weekend

If you can bear yet another blog post about the NY Sheep and Wool Festival, and looking at yet another picture of that gorgeous tree that everyone was snapping photos of... read on. If you are one of my non-knitting readers, enjoy... even if you don't "get it".

It was my first trip to Rhinebeck for the festival and it was everything I was hoping for. The day started out with a misty morning as the sun strained to work its magic.

Co-workers of mine were a bit perplexed when I told them where I was going. They were surprised that people actually go to sheep and wool festivals, so I made sure I took a photo of the very full parking lot and the crowds of people.

Surprisingly, I didn't take any photos of sheep, but I did get photos of the Lemurs,

a kangaroo,

the tiny goats,

the very large tortoise and the very large hare,

some bunnies in hutches,

and an alpaca!

I enjoyed kinnearing the Ravelry "stars"~ (My knitter readers should be able to pick out the faces in these photos.)

Ysolda and Sarah,

Mary Heather,


Casey and Jess,

and lots of designers.

Do you see in this photo how most of them are looking at the photographer taking their picture, but Thea Colman in the center is looking towards me? I believe I caught her attention because I was wearing the Cranberry Capelet that she designed! 

During the weeks before the festival there was a flury of knitting going on in the universe, as so many knitters were preparing their Rhinebeck Sweaters (or shawls or hats or whatever). All over blogland and Twitter I was reading about the deadline knitting. You could actually feel the knitting energy in the air. Even as we were driving north to the festival, a friend texted me that he was happy he was a passenger in his car so he could finish his knitting. 

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to finish in time, but it didn't stop them from sporting their UFOs. Even some of the best knitters~

Yep, that's Ysolda!

I'm not sure why, but I didn't take any photos of all the beautiful booths filled with colorful yarns, but you've seen all that before in other blog post, right? Instead, I'll leave you now with those promised tree photos.

I'll be back another day to show you what I bought!


  1. Yes, I saw you a few times in the distance! It's always fun to see my patterns out in the wild, and you looked great in your capelet :)

  2. looks like you had a fantastic time!