Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Desk Staff

My position at work is unique. Although I work in a department of about 70 people, I have no immediate co-workers. I do a variety of work for many people, and yet I really only answer to one person (the person at the top) and I have no one below me.

(Sounds a bit like a riddle. Are you expecting my next line to be: Who am I?)

I’m not going to ask that. I’m going to introduce you to my little desk staff that I’ve created for myself. When I get overloaded with work, I delegate tasks to my staff. When the work isn’t done correctly, I get to yell at them! Nah, just kidding about that.

There’s Bear, Moose, and Loon,


Lamby, Pedro & Ox, and Glass Bear 1 & Glass Bear 2.

They are each good at what they do, as you can imagine. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Good help is hard to find and I’m always on the lookout for additional staff. If you know any bric-a-brac looking for a new career, have them fill out an application!


  1. gahhhh!!!! i love those little guys :-) your desk looks like my house <33333