Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Weekend With Friends

We had our close friends from Connecticut come to visit recently and we had a wonderful time together, as always!

We started the weekend off with a drive out to our favorite barbecue place. I posted about this place before, but that time I failed to show photos of the great food. This time I remembered!

 Fried Chicken
Pulled Pork

Then it was off to a neighboring town’s Farmer’s Market. Yes, it is the one that I am selling my crafts at, but I took the week off to entertain my guests. It was fun to go as a customer and be able to relax and browse the other vendors’ booths.

This particular week’s theme for the market was “Pets and Health… Perfect Together!” There were lots of dogs there. We saw many different breeds of dogs that were walking around with their owners, but there was also a booth with dogs for adoption. I tried to take some good photos of them, but as puppies will be puppies, they never stayed still long enough. Here’s what I got:


There were also a couple of very well behaved dogs doing a demonstration. I believe they were dogs trained to be service dogs. It was amazing how these dogs followed the subtle commands from the handlers. Each was busy doing what they were commanded to do without being distracted by the other.

 That's the good dog in the center... not the one tugging at his lead!

When we got home, we took a walk to park to listen to the community band. Sorry, no pictures. I was traveling light and didn’t bring the camera.

The next morning we had a great breakfast at the corner café. More food pictures:

Then we were off to the Hometown Celebration on Main Street. It was a beautiful day and we strolled the street, shopping at the vendors and listening to the bands.

There was an awesome used book booth. This husband and wife team was selling some really unique books, not the same old titles you usually see at flea markets and tag sales. Most of these books were children’s books and all of them were vintage! I could have spent all day looking over these books and I could have bought so many more than I did. I finally decided on four that intrigued me the most.

And now for one more food photo:

Some really yummy Blueberry Muffins made by Carol, my visiting friend. I don’t know how she packs so many blueberries into her muffins. The insides are just loaded!


  1. Ooh, Mrs. 'Arris Goes To Paris! There's a cute movie of it starring Angela Lansbury. One of the family faves.

    Great doggie pics!

  2. those books are amazing looking! i'm jealous! i wish my weekend consisted of more than foldin t-shirts. haha.

    and look at alll those doggies!!! awwwww.

    you need to tell me about all these secret look food places! i can only eat so much chili's :-)