Sunday, September 11, 2011

August Tag Sale Finds continued...

Back in August I posted about some tag sale finds I scored. Remember all those ties? Well, that was only part of the wonderful finds of the day. Those were the items that I would be keeping and using for crafting. Here are the items I found that I'll be posting in my etsy shop, Maple Street Treasures, soon:

The collection consist of: 
1 Polaroid Square Shooter camera
1 Minolta Pocket camera (we must have had bigger pockets back then)
1 Kodak Brownie camera
1 very decorative wooden bowl with lid
1 decorative carved wooden bowl
1 small round glass jewelry box
1 vintage linen calendar from 1968
1 set of vintage appetizer plates
1 collection of View Master slides

I had planned to get these items photographed and posted to etsy today, but I sort of pooped out and took a nap instead. I'm headed to bed early tonight, so I should have plenty of energy after work tomorrow to get it done. At least that's the plan... g'night!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Wonderful Knitting Group

Not long ago on Ravelry I wrote thread in tribute to my knitting group. I went like this:
Once upon a time there were two women who met in a waiting room. One woman was knitting and the other woman was very interested in what the first woman was knitting because she was also a knitter. A conversation started and before long a friendship developed.
Both women wished that they belong to a knitting group. They wanted a group with a mix of people with different knitting styles and experience levels. They wanted a group in which members could learn from each other and exchange ideas and tips and techniques, but neither had ever found such a group.
They soon decided that they would meet at their local book store’s cafe with their magic wands and fairy fiber and see what would happen next. Almost before their very eyes, just like the magic that knitting is, the group began to grow! Before long there were knitters and crocheters and spinners!
Soon, the knitters were spinning, and the crocheters were knitting, and more and more people were joining the group, and the group was going on trips to fiber festivals, and it was everything the two women had hoped for.
Yes, the group was wonderful indeed. The members were old and young, seasoned and novice, and represented many different needle arts. But, there was still one thing lacking. Sadly, there was only one male knitter and one male “mascot” who didn’t knit. The group needed more men!
Then one day when the group was about three years old, another man showed up to knit! It made the group so happy. It even inspired the mascot to start knitting. Then another man joined. Then two more men arrived asking to be taught how to knit! The magic was working again!
Now the group was the best knitting group in all the land and everyone lived happily ever after!
The End
Ahhh, but that’s not where the story really ends. It should have a sequel:
One day the evil witch, Economy, came along and locked the doors of their book store cafe meeting place. The members were cast out into the wilds to find a new home. They were very sad and a little bit scared. They not only missed their meeting place, but also missed having a wonderful book store in town. And so a new adventure began.
On the night we found out the store would be closing, my group had much discussion about what we should do. There really aren’t any coffee shops centrally located that have evening hours- except one small Starbucks with dim lighting. We didn’t want to go to a restaurant where we would need to order food- it would start to cost too much every week. We didn’t want to meet at the local libraries because they close too early for us- we don’t start until 7:00 and like to knit to at least 10:00.
I looked at the sad faces of the members and that’s when I decided to offer my home as a temporary location until we found a new location. I have to say, it has actually been quite fun having them.

I put out the drinks, usually just coffee and iced tea or lemonade. It's always a surprise what snacks will arrive at my door. It has been everything from guacamole dip & chips, to home baked cake, to OREO cookies! This week was yummy Ricotta Cheesecake and “Hexapuff” shaped Rice Crispy Treats. (Hexapuffs, in honor of The Beekeeper's Quilt that has taken us all by storm.)

I've been able to accommodate everyone nicely around my dining room table with an overflow into the living room (which is open to the dining room so no one feels separated).

I was given a very cute thank-you gift from the co-founder of the group. It makes me smile every time I look at it! (I’m saving for Rhinebeck… or Stitches… or more likely, Maryland Sheep and Wool next spring.)

Recently, there has been talk of another book seller taking over the location of the old bookstore and hopefully there will be a café and some good hours of operation
But, until then, I think the knitters like it here.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Accidental Photo Success

Just a quick post to share a couple of my experimental photos with the "new" camera. These were taken when testing out the macro feature. I was pleased with how well they came out, without even trying.

I've been pretty busy lately, which gives me a lot to blog about, but when I haven't been busy, I've been too disorganized to get the blogging done. Stay tuned...