Thursday, January 9, 2014

December 2013 Photo a Day~ Finish up

Okay, so we are nine days into the new year and I haven't yet finished up my Photo a Day from December. Time to finish that up so I can move into 2014 with a clean slate.

If you remember, Day 18 & 19, Christmas Tree and Christmas Jumper/Sweater were skipped in my last post. Since I never got a photo of my neighbor's Ugly Sweater, here are two photos of my tree, a traditional photo and one with an attempt at being more creative.

And for the rest:

Day 22: Nice

Day 23: Family

Day 24: Christmas Movie

Day 25: Lunch

Day 26: Tradition

Day 27: Hat... and Day 29: Red

Day 28: Work in Progress

Day 30: Winter (mess) ~ not actually taken on Day 30!

And yes, I cheated a bit. I doubled up on Hat and Red and I left off Celebrate. I just didn't get the camera out on New Years Eve, but that doesn't mean I didn't celebrate! Well... A glass of wine with dinner and staying up until midnight counts, doesn't it?

Happy New Year and Warm Wishes to you all,  Lilea