Sunday, March 3, 2013

A fresh start...

It seems I can knit, or I can blog about it, but I have a difficult time managing to do both. I've been knitting up a storm for months now. I knit many Christmas presents and then proceeded to gift them out before snapping any photos of them! I've always been notoriously bad about posting my finished objects to Ravelry.

So here it is the beginning of March and I already have some progress made on my 2013 Christmas gifts. Let me share them now before it's too late.

One pair of socks completely finished~

Another pair with about an evening of knitting to finish them off~

And of course as is my mercurial nature, I couldn't finish those because I "needed" to start this pair~

I'm really enjoying knitting some simple colorwork. I have no desire to knit intricate Fair Isle or Intarsia, but knitting simple stripes or stripes combined with slipped stitches keeps me amused.

I've also been working on a crochet project. I've been longing for a vintage-like granny bedspread for my bed. This was inspired by a beautiful spread made by Sucrette. Read about hers on her blog: Le Monde de Sucrette to see how beautiful the finished product can look.

I'm using up leftover yarn from other projects. I think I need about 100 of these squares to make a queen sized spread. I've got 12 so far.

And then there's this~

I thought that I had already blogged about the Bee Keepers Quilt that I started a long time ago, but I took a  quick look at my past posts and couldn't find anything about it. For my non-knitting followers, The Bee Keepers Quilt is made up of about a bizzillon little stuffed knitted hexagon shaped puffs (called "hexipuffs", although I prefer to call them "Honeycombpuffs".) stitched together.

As of this post, I have 49.5 puffs completed. I love displaying them in the glass bowl on the dining room table and watching the pile grow. I'm making them in neutrals of tans, browns, grays, and black, with an occasional dark ocean blue or deep sea green thrown in.

It reminds me of the rocky New England Coast. I'm naming my quilt the Archipelago Quilt.

It's probably going to take me forever (years) to finish this project, but won't it be awesome when it's done?