Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keeping the family warm.

I've got a very appreciative family who loves that I knit them things to keep them warm. I've been asked by one family member to, "Please knit me about 90 more pairs of socks like those that you gave me for Christmas". A true compliment!

I mentioned in a previous post that I had two gifts planned for everyone on my Christmas knitting list, but that I only had time to finish one for each person. Since Christmas I've been working on completing those second projects. As you know, I've started the Dr. Who Scarf, but I've also been working on some other knitting and I actually have some finished objects to share.

The hat pattern is Regina and the mitts pattern is Susie's Reading Mitts. Both were really fun to knit and they look well together. I think they will look really nice on the lovely young woman with green eyes who will be wearing them. (Yes, I know this is actually two additional gifts for her, but who's counting.)

I plan to make the same set in blue and grey for another very special young woman. She recently got her beautiful wavy hair bobbed into a great style and this hat is going to look awesome on her!

And after that, I've got 180 socks to get started on.

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  1. i loved that hat IRL!!!! such a good pattern :-) you just reminded that there's a gift on my worktable that i still haven't finished. GAH!