Friday, January 20, 2012

Throwing Dinner Together

We've always been a household that forgets to plan ahead for dinner and there is often nothing thawed or the right ingredients aren't on hand. Then there's the finicky/fussy factor that has been a nagging problem in our family. Both Hubby and I hate to cook, and it's no wonder. Eating out has been the great solution to all these problems. Everyone gets to have what they like and someone else has to cook it and clean up!

Of course it's rough on the pocketbook. We've challenged ourselves to see how long we can go in 2012 without eating out or getting take-out.

Fortunately the tastes of some family members are maturing, which has made mealtime when we're all together a little easier. This meal was inexpensive, made up of ingredients we had on hand, easy to prepare, and was liked by all but one (who wasn't going to be around to eat it anyway).

It took only minutes to prepare.

It baked for about a 1/2 hour or so.

It was high in protein, low in fat and cholesterol, and vegetarian!

Baked Falafel Patties, spicy (low sodium) rice, and a salad.

I wish it was always this easy.


  1. ohhhh!!!! these look good! we'll have to give them a shot.

  2. Mmm. I never get to eat like this. :( I'm gonna have to learn some day.