Saturday, May 26, 2012


Definition of INDULGE

transitive verb
a : to give free rein tob : to take unrestrained pleasure in : gratify
a : to yield to the desire of : humor b : to treat with excessive leniency, generosity, or consideration
intransitive verb
: to indulge oneself
Rittenhouse Square
In April my good friend and knitting buddy, Carole, and I had a day of indulgence! We took a little train ride into Philadelphia to visit the yarn shop Loop! Since both of us are usually on a very limited yarn budget, this was a treat of excessive generosity!

Another knitting buddy of ours, Will, works at Loop. When we arrived, he yielded to our desires and gave us free rein to browse about the candy store yarn shop, all the while answering our questions and offering creative suggestions. We took unrestrained pleasure in every yarn we looked at and touch.

Loop is a wonderful yarn shop. It has very clean and neat appearance and is very organized.   The staff is friendly and helpful. I'm not just saying that because Will is my friend... I've been there before and everyone has been welcoming. They have a large work table with chairs that calls to you to sit for a bit and knit few rows while chatting with the staff and customers.

While I sat for a moment, I was able to better take in the array of yarns that I thought I had just looked over quite extensively, and yet I was seeing things I hadn't taken in from the close-up inspection I had just made. Once I sat back and looked around, I was seeing some yarns for the first time.

While we were there, many customers came and went, asked questions, shared their plans for their yarn, and were all very friendly. At one point Carole and I got involved with helping a customer to decide on a project and choose the yarn for a baby gift. We joked that we had earned our keep by "working" for a while. I would LOVE to work in a yarn store!

It took some time, but we finally settled on our own purchases. We didn't buy a lot, but we left knowing that we would be back again, so there was no need to indulge oneself too much at one time!

Here we have my indulgences for the day.

First, some Black Bunny Fibers Silk Sock in the colorway Iridescent that you see here already in progress. Yes, this is the yarn I was bribing myself with in an earlier blog post. Yes, I know I haven't shown you all the finished projects that were involved in that bribery yet, but I will.

Second, some Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in Olive, Denim and Pale Silver. I plan to make myself a shawl with it. I had in mind the Earth and Sky by Stephen West, but Will isn't in agreement with me on this. He is encouraging me to be creative and come up with my own design. I'm not sure yet, I'm still pretty stuck on my first idea.

In the morning before getting on the train to Philadelphia, we visited a little bead store. My eye was caught by a pair of earrings on display in the wonderful colors of orange and green. So summery! I just had to yield to the desire to buy the beads so I could make them for myself. I also found some great blue bugle beads that I couldn't live without.

And finally, here is one of the the beautiful yarns Carole indulged herself with. She is making my favorite pattern... the Multnomah Shawl! 

How have you indulged yourself lately?

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  1. oh god lea, indulgences always. i have no self control! i love that hempathy (and the pattern you chose). do it. do ittttt.