Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Art Doll

Several years ago, long before Ravelry, I joined a Mail Art site. I only participated in one swap. It was for an Art Doll. I had never done a swap before and I had never made a doll before, but I was excited about the challenge. I really put a lot of effort and creativity into this doll and I was really in love with her when I was finished. I wish she hadn't been for a swap and I wish I still had her today. Sadly, the doll I received in the swap was not nearly as intricate or creative. Needless to say, I never joined another swap.

I share with you today the photos of my doll making process. I apologize for the quality of some of the photos. At the time, I didn't have a camera that was very good for taking close-up shots.

I did some research about doll construction and put together my base doll.

I enjoyed learning how to work the construction of the head and neck so that the head would have more dimension.

The theme for this swap was an Autumn Art Doll. I really didn't have a vision of the finished project in my mind, so she just evolved as I went along. She truly was a work in progress. I knew I wanted to knit for her but I didn't have enough time to knit her a sweater, so I made her some leg warmers and a scarf. I also gave her some long auburn hair.

She sat around somewhat naked for a while waiting for my next inspiration. Then I saw a really cool suede skirt somewhere and replicated it for her using felt.

I loved the detailed stitching I gave it.

Then I gave her a jacket, and a hat just perfect for the season... a witches hat.

I looked online at lots and lots of different doll faces and practiced drawing faces on paper and then on scrap fabric. I practiced for quite a while. Then I practiced some more. I was really afraid to actually draw that first line on the doll! If I screwed up, I'd have to reconstruct the whole head again! Yikes! It was getting close to the deadline when I finally just jumped in and did it. I think she came out rather nice looking. Oh, how her personality popped once she had a face!

She stood about eight inches tall.

I remember naming her and giving her a little story. She also carried with her some gifts from her garden and a recipe for something seasonal... a pumpkin bread I believe. (I'm sure I have this all written down or saved in a word document somewhere.)

Although I can't remember what I named her, I do miss her and I hope she has a happy home!

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  1. AWWWIES! she's precious! drawing the face would have had me a nervous wreck!