Saturday, June 9, 2012

June Photo a Day, cont.

I really tried to balance work and play today... getting chores done while getting caught up with the Photo a Day for June.

Started out with... #1~ Morning
This is what 6:45 looks like when I open my eyes in the morning.

#9~ Your View Today
This was supposed to be my main focus for the day.

But I couldn't resist taking an hour break to sit with a friend outside in the sunshine. (It is World Wide Knit In Public Day after all.)
#4~ Close-up

Then it was back to business.
#3~ On Your Plate

Time out for another photo...
#2~ Empty

And more time out to put together this blog post. I'm happy to say I'm all caught up now with the daily photo prompts, but I've got no business working on this right now! I've got company coming tomorrow! Back to work!!!


  1. HOpe your cleaning did itself just like in Bewitched...wrinkle your nose and there it goes.
    Hope it was a fun 6/10 gathering

  2. that macro of the flower is perfect lea! your photos are getting so good <3

  3. ooh, I love your jars. I want to be like you.