Friday, June 15, 2012

More June Photo a Day

I've been keeping up with my photos every day even if I haven't had the time to post them each day. I have to say, I'm really enjoying this assignment... going through my day with my daily prompt in mind. I've even gotten my family involved in the process a little bit.

I haven't always been 100% happy with the photos I've come up with. They aren't always the most creative, but I feel like I'm learning a bit from the whole process. Sometimes the story behind the photo is better than the photo itself.
So, to pick up where I left off:

#10~ Best Bit of Your Weekend
A gathering of family to celebrate a graduation!

#11~ Door
Down around the corner on Main Street in my little town.

#12~ From a Low Angle
Knit Nite at the bookstore.

#13~ Art
My dad's artwork.

#14~ Time

Just a note about this last photo. A few friends gathered tonight at the bookstore for an extra Knit Nite this week. I told them what today's prompt was and how I didn't want to take a photo of just a clock or watch or something, but that I hadn't come up with an idea yet. One friend suggested Time magazine. I thought it was a great idea. I didn't say it, but I thought to myself, "I hope the cover of this issue is something really cool." In a few minutes I put down my knitting and wandered over to the magazine rack. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw the cover! For those of you who don't know me well, I couldn't have wished for a better cover!


  1. your dad's a word

  2. Awwww! I love that first photo! <3 robbie