Sunday, June 17, 2012

And yet more June Photo a Day

So, moving right along with the June Photo a Day...

Day #15~ Yellow
My small collection of wooden shoes.

Day #16~ Out and About
For this one, I need to share a few photos. I mean really, who can sum up "out and about" in just one photo? And the out and about part of my day wasn't all that exciting with just some stops a various strip malls and such. I had to work really hard to find some interesting photos.

I found these rows of carts and hand trucks at Home Depot interestingly photogenic.

As well as these freshly painted lines at the convenience store.

Some pretty wildflowers planted in the curbing area at the shopping mall.

And my buddy the Red Winged Blackbird who lives in the midst of the traffic pattern near the mall. This isn't a very good photo of him, but after months of trying to catch a photo of one of these beautiful birds, I was happy to get at least this mediocre shot. (You can't even see the red in his wing.) But this quest for a photo is actually an entire blog post that I've had planned in the back of my head for a while, so I'll tell you more about it another time.

Day #17~ In Your Bag
There seems to be a lot stuffed into my bag lately. Wallet, sunglasses case, phone, tissues cozy, lipstick, lip balm, work keys, car/house keys, pens, gum, floss, eye drops, pad, and the all important camera!

I have NO idea what I'm going to show you for tomorrow's photo: "Something We Don't Know About You". See you soon...
P.S. I just killed a fly and I think it fell into my bag. Should I update the photo?


  1. dead fly photo???Nah....

    I love your finds at the ordinary parking lot.....great use of focus and leading lines....
    do you know about leading lines??? My son took photo in high school and taught me ...

    1. Hi Kathy. I had to look that term up, but I guess without realizing it I was actually using the leading lines rule. It's similar to the rule I use when doing desktop publishing, where the placement of the words and photos or clip art need to draw the eye in the proper direction. However, I also got a lesson from my son who is a film major and he taught me about the rule of thirds... which I sometimes forget to think about before snapping the shutter. See the bird photo.