Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 2013 Photo a Day~ Week 2 & 3

Okay, so posting weekly is apparently more than I can handle, so here are two weeks worth of my photo a day challenge.

Day 8: Cozy

Day 9: Cold (enough)

Day 10: Lists

Day 11: Scarf (The Dr. Who scarf finally photographed for the blog!)

Day 12: Wrapping Paper

Day 13: Snowmen

Day 14: Shopping

Day 15: Outdoor Lights

Day 16: Holly... didn't have any real holly. Forgot about the tree outside the back door.

Day 17: Treat

Day 18: Christmas Tree~
Omitted until I can get a photo with the tinsel on the tree.

Day 19: Christmas Jumper/Sweater~
Omitted until I can get a photo of my friend's Ugly Christmas Sweater

Day 20: Favorite Ornament~ Very old, it was my older brother's when he was a small boy.

Day 21: Naughty~ a miniature vignette.

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